We do our own documentary work as well as work for hire on client doc projects

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Branded Content

We can assist you from conception through development, pre-production, production, and post production. Our ability to manage the entire process creates unique opportunities.

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We can help you develop and produce a commercial for your brand that will move your image to the forefront of audience attention.

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About EZS Productions

Ethan Sigman and EZS Productions have been developing and producing concerts, events, documentaries, commercials, interactive tours, and TV Shows since 1996.

We can handle your project from the initial idea stage through final execution with in-house staff and equipment. We own cameras, lenses, lights, sound, support, grip, edit systems, music libraries, etc. Owning our own resources gives us the strength and flexibility to work with difficult schedules and budgets. Feel free to contact us when nobody else can help. We can create your project and guarantee it’s delivery.

EZS Productions is a full service production company. We can execute your project from conception to completion. With a deep history in live television and music, we have been working with the top talent on premiere projects for well over two decades.

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